We are proud to be the area’s first Sugaring Lounge! Trained by one of the worlds industry leaders, Body Sugaring Australia, with a non-invasive ground-breaking method. Sugaring has many more benefits aside from being the most PAINLESS way to remove unwanted hair! It also is GREAT for skin: removing blackheads from any part of the body, helps with fine lines, rosacea, stretch marks and skin firming!

What is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring (also known as sugaring or sugar waxing) is an age old method of hair removal that dates back to 1900BC. It involves the use of a sugar paste being lightly applied in the opposite direction of hair growth and then being removed in the direction of hair growth taking only the hair.


Service Price
Upper Lip $15
Sideburns & Chin $32
Brows $25
Full Face $45


Service Price
Underarms $25
Full Arm $60
Half Arm $41
Hands $11

Upper Body

Service Price
Shoulders $30
Back $68
Back & Shoulders $87
Chest (male) $57
Abs $40
Chest & Abs $87

Lower Body

Service Price
Bikini (2 inches in on each side of pubic area, and 1 inch down from the top) $40
Extended Bikini (More than the basic bikini, but less than a brazailian) $48
First Time Brazilian (women) $70
Maintenance Brazilian 2 weeks or less $35
Maintenance Brazilian 2-3 weeks $45
Maintenance Brazilian 4-8 weeks $60


Service Price
Full Leg $90
Lower Leg $50