Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume lashes are up to 6 super thin lashes in one lash. I am one of about 500 people in the WORLD offering this new technique!

Choose from “Mink” or NOVALASH synthetic lashes.

Mink lashes feel as close to real lashes as possible. These top of the line ultra premium lashes are available in Synthetic Mink. They are light weight, soft and flexible.

Novalash’s award winning Platinum Bond and Sensitive formula Adhesives are used exclusively. With advanced trained master lash tech.

Time Price
150 min  $290

Fill Services

Service        Time *Estimated Time Allotment      Price
Mini Fill        40 min        $55
Standard Fill         80 min     $75
Maxi Fill          90 min     $85
Ultra Fill        105 min     $130

*New clients with lashes still present from a salon outside of Lashionistas will be subject to a $50 removal fee.


Service Price
Bottom Lashes $30
Glitter Party Lashes $25/6 (3 per eye)
Colored sets/streaks/highlights NO CHARGE

Lash Fix

This service is now required for clients coming from other operators. It includes any necessary removal and reapplication, which is a full set at the current price. Please let your guest coordinator know at the time of booking.